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European Aion 4.8 MS - On September 4, at 15:00 CET

Best MMO titles for you

Lineage II: Homunculus

Legendary MMORPG with modern touch and easier levelling

Fenrir x10
1926 players
Ares x10
1771 players

Retail game platform

Lineage II Classic: Kamael part 5

Classic game version with our modifications: higher rate, new game modes, more opportunities for a solo player

Midgard x5
447 players

Retail game platform

Aion 4.8 Master Server

Custom made 4.8 based update of classic Aion: choose your side and join daevas in combat against Atreias enemies

Phoenix [4.8] MS
542 players

Retail game platform

Blade and Soul Divine Break

Stylish and atmospheric eastern game with exciting combat system, great graphics and dynamic battles with NPCs and players.

Yellow Dragon x3
Live since Dec 18

Retail game platform