How to use the shop Rules and limitations

It's very easy to buy stuff from the shop. It's separated into categories in which you'll find goods you can purchase. You can view all the goods in the category by clicking on the name of that category.

Each of the godds is supplied with the picture and description. Some goods will have few screenshots representing their look ingame.

Cost of an item is displayed near the name. On the item page you can see all the restriction that limit use of the item. Be careful to read those thoroughly because we do not take them back!

You can fill up your balance in the user panel as well as right on this page. Notice that the more you fill up - the more you'll get as a bonus! Some goods can be discounted. All discounted goods can be found in the Discounts category.

Shop always changes, prices change. But some things never do:

No exchanges or returns. If an item is bought and delivered it's yours and you can't refund it even if you can't use it.

If you mistakingly send an item to a wrong player you cannot change that. Please be sure to check the name before you send.

If you found any bug or error - please contant support